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the Graduation Collection

Set up your Graduate with Announcements, Invitations, Thank Yous, or the whole Collection!

Choose from 4 different styles, or create custom designs unique to your Graduate!

Browse the whole Graduation collection here: 

Hey There!

Thanks for popping in! 


It's time you got to know Brilliant Bug Design:

focused on producing unique, quality, designs, I aim to create exactly what

you are looking for!  Whether you are looking for a tune up on your resume,

an invitation to a special event, or a completely original T-shirt or poster; I will take

the time to get to know you and your needs. Then, in a timely manner, I will work with

you until we get to the Exact design, you are looking for.  


Completely operated by a work-from-home Momma (formal introduction to come), this design studio understands just how precious your time truly is. Generic, is never at the top of anyone's Wishlist. So why would anyone want to waste time and money on a design that was created for someone else, last week? No one would....

At Brilliant Bug Design, an artistic vision and a collaborative attitude will bring your ideas into unique digital, physical, or simply Brilliant designs!

Let's work together!  
We can create Brilliant Designs made Exclusively for you! 

Leaf Pattern


behind the


Memorable Mediums

T-shirt and poster designs are currently, my most common projects. This is by no means everything possible. Head on over to my Showcase Page to see projects I have previously done. If there is something specific you are looking for, please reach out! I'd be more than happy to help. 

Portfolio 14 Artboard 14.png

T-Shirt Design

A creative Design: formatted and created, using shared details, including any edits(if necessary)to be passed along to a printing/embroidery company.    


Posters, Programs, Invitations & Flyers

Showcasing details: formatted by and created from shared information.
        -Performance       -Party
        -Showcase            -Wedding Day
        -Graduation          -Fundraiser
        -Organized event


Crocheted Creations

Personally designed and handmade. These gifts, blankets, and throws are made over the course of several hours of meticulous crocheting.        

Premium Designs are available in all Mediums!

Premium Designs include elaborate or original artwork.        

Portfolio 15 Artboard 15.png

Recent Designs 

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