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  • Completely unique, and just for you!

    Customizable, double-sided 5x7 graduation announcement and invitation. 

    Customizable, 4x6 Thank Yous

    Add details about your graduate, their future, or their soon-to-be Alma mater, and choose the color scheme and include invitation details, and any special signatures.

    Discuss Style and look individually to make the exact Announcement/invite and Thank Yous you are looking for.

    I will send you 3 options, and 3 major edits(of your top pick), will be included.


    Starting at $42 for the designs, you can download your design to print at home or a print shop near you.


    If you would like, I am more than happy to handle the printing for you! If you would like these announcements/invites and thank yous printed, with blank envelopes, and mailed to you the prices (in addition to the design fee) are as follows:


    25 cards & 25 Thank Yous - $30

    50 cards & 50 Thank Yous - $54

    75 cards & 75 Thank Yous - $76

    100 cards & 100 Thank Yous - $100


    Custom Graduation Collection

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